Employee of the Year!-2015-2016 SY 


Seaford Nutrition Services held their 6th annual Employee of the Year tea on May 17, 2016.  The event honors those employees who go above and beyond the expectations of the department.  This year’s winner was Cheri Wagner-Carpenter.  Cheri has been with the school district since 2014, at which time she became a 3 hour Nutrition Services Assistant. In January 2015, Cheri was promoted to a 6 hour Nutrition Service Assistant at Blades Elementary.  Cheri is a very humble and soft spoken individual who recognizes the students on a daily basis.  Her friendly smile and concern welcome the children every day.  She is a team player and has an excellent rapport with her Manager, Julie Kirby. Outside of her Nutrition Services duties, Cheri volunteered for the department’s community food distribution outreach program on Thanksgiving and Christmas. She volunteers her time for Blades Elementary School functions also. Congratulations to Cheri for all of her efforts serving the Seaford Nutrition Services Department.